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Draco Malfoy X Reader - Quotev.

Read Draco x Reader from the story Lemons by LilacStrider Jasmine S with 740 reads. fredweasley, weasley. Reader Name I sighed and ran my fingers through my. Harry Potter one shots about most of the characters.finished Published September 9, 2017 · updated September 13, 2018 · completed. 29 pages · 15,010 reads. Fanfiction Romance Short Stories Harry Potter Love Story Report. T T Info. Harry Potter One shots Draco x Reader. Bet - Draco x Reader Hi, I hope you guys like this! This went up sooner than I said it would, but I really liked this request Let me know what you think!!: Y/N - Your name Y/F/N - Your first. Read Draco x Reader Smut from the story HP x Reader by Ginger_Queen_ Jade with 39,429 reads. dracomalfoy, harrypotterxreader, lgbt. Thanks for requesting! ♡~. Draco Fluff Request: hey I don’t know if you take requests but could you do a Draco Malfoy fluff featuring jealous Draco. Requested by Anon Warnings: mild swearing 0: AngelChild. I sat down next to Daphne in the great hall as I couldn’t find Draco anywhere, the golden trio walked in.

Read Draco Malfoy X Reader name calling Lemon from the story harry Potter X Reader Oneshots, Twoshots, Lemons etc by ForeverADragon101 ForeverTrainingDra. Draco X reader. Harry Potter people x reader lemons Draco X reader. Midnight Side note you live with Draco for a while because your parents went on vacation but to a place children should not go to so they asked the Malfoys if you wan stay the week with them and they did say yes also different p.o.v.

23/01/2014 · Detention Draco Malfoy x Reader Before we start, I have no clue what to label this as. It just border lines sexual themes! So I do want to give a little warning, so forgive me, I know there are so many young'uns out there on dA and I want to keep it safe for them. Draco x female reader. Warning: SMUT SMUT. guys this is my first ever smut, so sorry if i mucked up or its abit rocky, im up for A LOT OF requests bc I rarely get any so if u have ideas, don’t be shy. if you see a mistake, tell me and im more than happy to correct it. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Shyish Draco x Reader hello! if you’re not too busy with requests could you do a Draco x reader where reader is extremely shy and Draco thinks it’s adorable. I had no Idea how to end this.

02/11/2018 · draco malfoy draco x reader draco malfoy x reader draco malfoy au draco malfoy imagine harry potter harry potter x reader harry potter au harry potter imagine fred weasley fred weasley x reader george weasley george weasley x reader slytherin hufflepuff ravenclaw gryffindor weasley malfoy. 5,783 notes. Reblog. 01/02/2015 · I thought you'd never ask Draco x reader You walked across the carriages, looking for a seat, but they were all full. Seeing as it was the third year of school, everyone had already made friends. It was just your luck your acceptance letter had come late.

Amortentia - Draco Malfoy x Reader Request: Could you do a Draco one shot where you’re a pure blood Slytherin and you and him both share the same friend group but you both are enemies and always. Mine Draco Malfoy x reader A/N: Again, so proud of this imagine. I don’t know why but Draco imagines just end up great for me. Also I really got intrigued by this request and like. Jealous Draco x Reader Requested. In which after an argument Draco gets jealous of Y/N’s new friend and uses Pansy to try and make her jealous as well. Also in which the author can’t think of a. Jealous Draco Malfoy x Reader Draco Malfoy x Slytherin!Reader Set in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban You stared across the Great Hall, watching Pansy practically hanging off Draco’s arm. play it when you feel like it or when you reach Draco's POV. It just gives more feels, hope you like this oneshot. Draco has been pacing around more than Dumbledore has ever been. You've noticed his dark circles hanging under his tired eyes, his skin was white as snow. It looked as if one touch could turn him into dust, he looked fragile and.

  1. Read Draco x Reader: °LEMON° from the story Various x reader! °Lemons° by TeaForWatson •~WATSON~• with 24,858 reads. tvshows, americanhorrorstory, avengers.
  2. Read Draco X Reader from the story Harry Potter One Shots by mightyhufflepuff -Laufeyson-Barnes- with 9,302 reads. lordvoldemort, love, fluff. Requested by @.
  3. This is a bunch of Harry Potter x Male reader oneshots as you can tell by the cover, because there are so very little of these on the internet, and coming from a trans male, that's kind of a big deal. I have posted all of these on my tumblr account: @accio-taurus, and if you'd like to read.
  4. loki smut loki loki laufeyson asexual bisexual tom hiddleston smut draco malfoy smut sherlock smut loki x reader sherlock x reader moriarty x reader draco x reader problems of being a fangirl tumblr has ruined me tony stark sebestian stan smut winter soldier game of thrones steve x reader bucky x reader thor x reader loki x y/n game of thrones smut thorki problems of a fangirl fandom problems.

Those Damn Eyes - A Draco Malfoy x Reader One Shot "Watch it, filthy half-blood!" Malfoy snarled. "Back off Malfoy," she retaliated. "Ooh, fighting back are we?" he hissed. She blushed. Stunned, she took a seat by Draco's side and just watched his face for a moment. ‘Jaw-Dropper’ Draco x Reader Fluff. “Request?: “MORE FLUFFY IMAGINES!!!! please”& “ If u know the Dodie Clark songs daydreamer and human could i have an imagine based on the lines of ‘i. Draco x reader Harry?! Can you write an imagine where Draco and the reader are dating and they have a huge fight then Harry comforts the reader and tells about his crush on her but then Draco finds.

Draco x Reader Less Than Her Summary: Your long time crush, Draco, has recently grown closer to Pansy, and every time you see them together it breaks your heart. One day, the pair show up late to. Draco malfoy x reader Angst Plis do an imagine where something major happens to the reader right after they break up and draco was the one who broke it off so he realises he still wants to be with. GLASS. Draco X Reader. Prologue: It was in his eyes. You couldn't recognise who was this person in front of you. His pale hands slid into yours, intertwining his fingers. Walking In Draco x Reader Imagine: You and Draco are spending Christmas together at Malfoy mansion and Lucius and Narcissa walk in on Draco giving you his Christmas present; Warnings: smut. The Kid with the Blonde Hair A Draco Malfoy x Reader fanfic. Written by Elizabeth Hardy This is what These things mean: Y/N Your Name E/C Eye color N/N Nick Name L/N Last name You walked through the portrait into Gryffindor common room and was on your way to your dorm room when.

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